Cherry Hill Learning Center

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About Us

Our Philosophy
Every child is like a snowflake, no two are the same and each is unique. We at Cherry Hill Learning Center believe that, like snowflakes, each and every child is born a unique individual. The philosophy of Cherry Hill Learning Center is to help create an atmosphere in which a child's unique qualities can be embraced and developed. We encourage their individuality by supporting cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development. We believe that age- appropriate activities are the best way to develop these qualities.

Cherry Hill Learning Center aims to instill qualities in children that will be beneficial to them as they grow. We encourage self-esteem, and responsibility. We want children to feel that they are important, and that they are valuable to society. By promoting these traits, we are able to give children skills to be successful in their future.

 **Special rates are included for students who are off track from school** 

Educational Programs
Cherry Hill Learning Center has educational programs that are suitable for children that are toddlers, and preschool age. The educational programs that are provided have been designed to meet the children’seducational needs. 

Meals and Snacks 
Cherry Hill Learning Center serves three hot and cold meals daily; breakfast, lunch and snack time. The snacks and meals that are provided are healthy and consist of great tasting foods that are good to eat; these meals are based on the state food pyramid. The meals and snacks we serve will help children learn to make good choices when choosing foods to eat and help them build a taste for healthy food, keeping them away from eating junk food. 

Staff and State Licensing
Cherry Hill Learning Center staff members meet state and social services department requirements. Each staff member was required to take CPR and First Aid training. The Cherry Hill facility is licensed by the State of Colorado, and is monitored by the state, health and fire department. 

Our Educational Programs Include:
1. Positive Behavior
2. Decision-Making Skills
3. Development of Self-Esteem
4. Problem Solving
5. Music
6. Experiments
7. Language development
8. Awareness of Culture and Diversity 

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